Elizabeth Nichols Jewelry
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Ask Elizabeth

Need Help in Finding that Perfect Piece of Jewelry? Ask Elizabeth…..

For Men

For Men - Want a custom piece for that special someone? 

Know Your Mate – Larger, brighter gemstones might work better with outgoing personalities.  Do your research and find pieces that match her persona and accentuate her positives.

Build on the Uniqueness – All of my pieces are different and therefore deserve to be given to her in a romantic setting or in an unexpected way.

Consider Her Wardrobe – Look at her clothing style.  Make note of her favorite colors, patterns, and materials and pick gemstones and necklace lengths based on what you’ve learned.

For Women

For Women - Looking to buy for you?

Look in Your Jewelry Box – Take inventory of what you have and make a list of what you’re missing.   Think of custom pieces that might be the perfect complement to a set of ear-rings or other rings you may already have.

Don’t Underestimate Neutrals – It’s not difficult to make a statement with bold colors.  But remember, there is always an unspoken elegance with neutral colors like crystals, pearls, and other neutral-color gems.

Dare to Be Different – You know what you’ve bought in the past, so don’t be afraid to take a risk or follow a trend.  Don’t’ forget that buying custom jewelry should be just as fun as wearing it.