Elizabeth Nichols Jewelry
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Who is Elizabeth?

For over 20 years, Elizabeth Nichols has been in the fashion business.  Having co-owned specialty boutiques in the past, Nichols has always remained on-top of the latest trends and styles from a clothing and garment perspective.  But over the last decade, her creativity and overall design intuition has moved her more towards the realm of custom jewelry.

Inspired by the desire to see women distinguish themselves with their accessories and accent pieces as well as their clothes, Elizabeth Nichols began designing custom necklaces and bracelets in early 2000.  “My goal is to create pieces that don’t just complete an outfit, but set-it-apart in a big way from anything that someone else might be wearing.”


Our Jewelry


No two pieces are the same….everything is unique.  You have a style that is exclusively yours.  That’s why all pieces from Elizabeth are designed to accentuate your individuality and become an outward expression of who you really are on the inside.


Real gemstones such as onyx, opal, agate, and coral are just some of the materials used to provide bold, vibrant colors.  Crystals, pearls, and other neutral-color, high quality stones are also used to provide a variety of clear pieces to choose from.


Custom pieces from Elizabeth can range from the exquisite to the affordable.  Necklaces and bracelets can also be tailored for teens and women.